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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I rode my bike to work today, a 10-mile round trip.
The engine struggled on the short pull up the very steep parking ramp at work. I will try leaning the carb right when I charge up the ramp. If that doesn't work, I'll swap out the 63-tooth engine drive sprocket to a 72t. That would lower first gear from 32.46:1 to 37.08:1...

Both of the rear rack's front retaining bolts fell off. This allowed the rack and fuel tank to pivot backward several inches. The only thing preventing the rack
from causing a rear tire jam was that the fuel line was holding the rack from sliding more to the rear. Two large nylon straps will support the rack until I can find replacement parts. I think I'll keep one large strap to secure the rack to the bike frame.

Strangely, there are cracks or slices forming on my Specialized Armadillo tires. I'm gonna order a pair of Big Apples to replace them.
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