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Default Re: Sunshine Smile Of The MB Gods

Let the fun begin ... ( or the motorized bicycle gods where laughing not smiling )

There is always a reason a deal's a deal and my Murray is the standard.
#1 Murray = cheep bikes ! (even if they are "american" made)
#2 No name Chines motors are junk ! ( I was for warned )
That aside for $75. I think I may have made out ok .

Bike : 26" Murray Westport . Cheep components , it might work but probably not for long .

Engine : tagged," Speedster Engine "Grade A" 2 stroke oil motor ," NT carb (oops all most forgot, Explorer gas tank decal ), supposedly 48cc but no way to tell .

Condition : engine ceased ( ring condensation repaired but need new torque wench ) .
Rear hub locked up, he didn't enlarge the sprocket hole or replace the break arm, tried to instal a rear wheel center stand but didn't modify the fender and chain guard mounts so the whole rear end was flapping in the breeze .

So ... The bike is now a bike, breaks and all ( I lowered the seat 2" by removing the center clamp from the seat and mounting the saddle with the rail clips mounted to the frame seat post clamp , rube goldburg-ish but it looks like it might work ) . The engine is freed but Im taking you all's advice and replacing all the studs and making some new gaskets before I try installing .

Here's hoping it goes well. So far so good .
Thanks again for all your useful experience !!

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