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Default Re: air filter upgrade

I'm getting rid of the K&N style filter. These are so badly made that all the filtration takes place at the bottom of the fold, the rest of the surface blocks itself because it's of the way it's folded. They start with a nice "W" shape and when it's curved for a filter it's more like this, "\ll/". They have discovered they need a shallow wide spacing of the mesh for proper airflow. There are some expensive K&N filters that address this but $53+ shipping is a little high

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What I'm going to is a foam filter ment for a gokart. My carb is the older CNS v.1 and I can use a screw clamp to hold the filter on. American Power Sports has adapters for bolt-on type filters and they could be easily modified to work on a v.2.

APS also has real nice fairly inexpensive K&N type filters that are 3" x 4" or 3" x 3".

Wow, I'm sorry, it won't link up right

I got that copied anyway. That's an example of the lower prices mesh filters. If you have room the bigger the better. That way you have way more accessible filtration. and not bad for way under $15

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