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Default Re: My chain is saggy

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
If you relied on pliers you didn't get it tight enough. Pick up a spark plug socket from any tool supplier. You'll be glad you did. Most of the plugs that will work in the Chinese 2 stroke engines require a 5/8" socket. Probably less that $5.00 most places.
Pliers will not allow you to torque the plug correctly without rounding off the wrench flats provided on spark plugs or properly seat the plug against leakage.
i don't have the frame clearance for a socket thats deep enough to catch a spark plug. got plenty of sockets that would fit, but i'm not going to take off my motor every time i want to look at the plug.

plugs been fine for over 150 miles now.

i agree a socket piece is by far the best choice in many cases, just not for mine it seems.
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