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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Rode out to my families house 16 miles away yesterday after a failed tinker day the day before. I'm running now a 44T instead of my old 36T, so I lost some top speed, and after the failed tinkering I lost even more. Was at 25 MPH WOT on the flat, which is just not enough.

Finally after adjusting the needle clip and float height when I got there, I was able to hit 32 MPH on the way back! But with my expansion chamber being of the untuneable variety, it didn't start the vacuum until about 27/28, which is generally my peak with this bike. But wow, once it kicked in I could totally tell the difference!

Got a half a gallon or so before I can use some new oil I picked up today, which is a biosynthetic smokeless 2 cycle oil. Not much, just a 3.2 oz container for a 40:1 mix, so I'll give that a shot once I burn off what I have left. If it works well enough, I'll pick up more and have better emissions, which is good.
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