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Default Re: How Did You Get Started With Motorized Bicycles?

After I retired, I got a job working in the same office as my wife. Same working hours, so we carpooled together. Major problem was that the wife stayed an hour and a half later than quitting time(secretary).
Instead of sitting and waiting in the car, I walked home five miles away and took one hour 45 minutes. Nope, not an answer. I bought a cruiser bike and pedalled it to work(10 mph), which took 45 minutes. Nope, too sweaty to bike and work in an office. I electrified the bike(20-24 mph) and the commute took 27 minutes! Yes! However, the batteries weighed 80 pounds. It was bothersome to recharge. Then I got a 20" Dahon and used friction drive w/Subaru engine. Commute time was the same at 27mph tops, which was good. Now I've evolved from that to single 2.2hp(32 mph), twin 2.2hp engines(39 mph), 4.25hp(44 mph) and finally 2.8hp Tanaka 47R engine(43 mph) with shift kit. Commute time is about 25 minutes. However, now I'm riding in traffic instead of crawling on bike paths and sidewalks.

It's a **** of a ride at speeds up to 40 mph now, like a 25-minute amusement ride to and from work!
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