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Default Re: Hi from Illinois

I will hijack your thread for a moment and also introduce myself. My name is Ray and I live about 30 miles west of Peoria on the Spoon River. I am 40 years old and work in the Peoria area as a Local #6 Bricklayer. My hobby of many years is I fly small and Giant Scale Radio Control airplanes. How I became interested in building a motorized bike relates to my interest in converting weedeater engines into model airplane engines. I got to thinking one day when it became clear that I had more Ryobi 31cc engines laying around then I would ever need for any of my airplanes....the idea of a motorized bike popped into my head. I am a tinkerer by nature and I am the guy at our airplane club that likes to mix my own nitro fuel blends. When other guys are just flying plane is the one dropping parachutes or taking aerial videos, etc etc. Short story is I just like to tinker and be original!

So when the idea of the motorized bike popped in my head I started to do some checking here on the net and found that there are allready many folks allready doing this very thing and that my idea was actually an old idea. After lots of reading on the subject and going thru alot of guys had me very interested. So interested that I just completely scrapped my Ryobi idea and went ahead and ordered me a 66/80 slant head china engine kit to put on a new Ocean Pacific beach cruiser I also just ordered for this project. So as soon as my engine kit and bike show up on my front porch I will post a bit of my progress. Nice to see that there are some of my fellow Illini here. Hand shakes and howdy to all. Since I don't have a photo yet of me and my new motorized bike...I have included of photo of me and one of my airplanes with one of the Ryobi 31cc conversion engines I done. I may still decide to try one on a bike someday.
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