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Default Re: 66cc Bike Engine Caught On FIRE!!!

How would "crud" fill up the clutch if it's uncovered? What is "crud" and where would it come from.

Look at the Ducati Monster. Some of them have a dry clutch, and the owners sometimes use custom open clutch covers on them and never have them fill up with"crud".

They run a lot cooler open to the atmosphere and clutch dust can get away and not build up in the cover.
Also a lotta Harleys, my '82 Shovelhead for instance, run an aftermarket dry,open clutch with no probs either.

I don't like people spreading eroneous and unfounded information. That's why I asked if the OP ever had a prob with an uncovered clutch "filling up with crud". If he hasn't or doesn't know of any other case that it has, then his info is not accurate.
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