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Good score today.

After a cupel weeks searching and scheming towards an affordable birthday bike. Interrupted by my two year old hot water heater craping out (venting problem, fixed myself ) and my forty year old heating system wanting its annual freon fix. Cost : $30. + service call last year. $130.+ sc. yesterday . ( Love these golden years ! ) . I thought my daydreams of cheep summer fun where dashed again.

To my surprise after only finding two m.b.'s locally ( pawnshop OCC, complete w/many barnyard welds and a nice Cranbrook for $300. w/ a very vague owner ) last night's late-night Craig's List search turned up an unfinished Murray cruiser w/48cc kit . Three years old but never ran ( owner lost interest ).

Only $150.00 . I can afford some modest upgrades , if it's not missing too many parts. Im picking it up later today. Pics & lots of nube questions forth coming.

Thanks to the forum for providing great information . I would never take a chance on buying a use project without the backing of all the collective experience you-all provide . Hopefully I'll be contributing soon.

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