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Default Re: How Did You Get Started With Motorized Bicycles?

always loved riding a bicycle, but hated the effort of pedaling to get to a decent speed. already had alot of engine knowledge from working on my car and i sorta knew about motorzied bike engines.

so i did some searching and found this site, read up on some of the bad stories of when someone bought the motor and a few days later it cratered. most people it'd scare them off, not me, i read it as 'what not to do to it.'

also as a means of not spending $30+ a week or so on gas for the car.

6 months later of riding i know have a bada** bike that rips down the road wherever i go. it brings me joy when someone starts asking me about it.

Originally Posted by Hammond Egger View Post
I built one to pick up chicks.
LMAO! nice one!!!
They see me rollin'
they hatin'

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Traditional bicycle riders think we're cheaters. Non riders think our bikes are toys. Bicycle shops think we're a threat. Tree huggers think we're polluters. The police don't know what to think.
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