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Default Re: The Violator is born!

Yeah, I'm pretty proud of this build. I just hope it stays running this time. This is the 4th incarnation of this particular MB. The name is new, though. My first bike ran for over a year. I just had bad luck with this bike. It started out with a 66cc engine, and one of the rear mounting bolts snapped. I used the engine from my first bike to rebuild, and that engine broke down thanks to the piston rings burning up. Then I put another 48cc on it with a centrifugal clutch. Didn't know the centrifugal clutches were junk. $130 down the drain right there. Then I got this 66cc on ebay from luckyearlybird. Had the engine for a couple weeks or so, but was waiting till I had the money to paint. The bike was disassembled down to the bare frame for painting. By pure chance I found that old bike at the scrap yard, and it had all the parts I wanted. Then I painted it over a couple days, and began the process of rebuilding. I was able to get the majority of the rebuilding done in one afternoon. Quickest, easiest, and smoothest rebuild yet for me.
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