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Default Re: How Did You Get Started With Motorized Bicycles?

My Daughter had her car layed up and needed a car to get Grandson to day care and her to work. A rental cost her $400 a week, so I said use our car and I would ride my bike to work [about 2 1/2 miles]. It never failed that the wind was in my face, and a hill on the way was killing my old legs. Having coffee on a Sunday morning feeling sorry for myself, I saw the kits of ebay. I almost wet my pants laughing, but my wife says what the heck for the price. The original kit is still running 3 years later for an old guy next door, and I just strated with my new 66cc on a new bike. I will get pictures of it soon. I road a 650 Honda in between, but insurance costs pushed that idea out too. Now we are back to one car and the super "Chitty".
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