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Default Re: How Did You Get Started With Motorized Bicycles?

I lost my license (No not DUI or anything like that. Mine is a bloodthirsty crime...I didn't pay my city taxes. {Gasps}) so I moved to Sc. and needed a way around I was going to hook a chainsaw motor to my kids bike. I googled "Chainsaw bike" and had a few good Ideas how to do it, Then I saw a video on Youtube about a 49cc motorized bike. I then started to look for the kits. I found this site with the vendors here and ordered my first kit. Meanwhile my wife is like a squirrel nattering "it ain't gonna work, it ain't gonna work."
When my kit arrived, and I spent three hours in the backyard; I emerged with a Motorized Bike!! I mixed the fuel and hopped on, peddled down the road let the clutch out and....nothing! My wife in her glory yells "TOLD YOU SO!!!" Well I looked at the bike for a minute and realized A-DUH I forgot about the choke!!
So I lifted the choke lever peddled a few feet and.... Pop away she went!!! Every time I rode past my ain't gonna work, it ain't gonna work. I slept on the couch for awhile, but it was worth it. The rest is history. I have four builds under my belt and I ain't stopping.
Hope it Helps. I am also a proud member of the 20 MPH. club
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