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Default Re: 35 miles each way for work , possible ?

I commuted 50 miles round trip in the Phoenix area for a year or so. However, I did that motorbike commute only ONCE per week. At that distance, there was always some post ride maintenance to be done like chain, spoke and bolt tightening and clutch cable adjustment. I had a stop light almost every mile, requiring some enroute clutch cable adjustment, so i added a cable adjuster to my clutch lever on the handlebars. I would tighten the cable while seated on the bike at a stop light.

To do a 70 mile commute I would get a four stroke motor. I don't mind mixing gas and oil for a few rides per week, but it may become very monotonous if you try to ride 350 miles per week. I would also get a 1 gallon fuel tank. I used a 3/4 gal tank for my 50 mile commute which provided some reserve for errands or battling a strong headwind.

I think making the 70 mile commute on your motorbike 3 days per week is more realistic, allowing more time for maintenance and adjustments. If you get a 2 stroke, you will need to break in the motor for 300 miles or so. You will need to limit the duration of the break in rides to 30 minutes, so plan accordingly. Good luck.
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