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Default Re: Costa Mesa MB NU-B

Originally Posted by Ebopp View Post
hahaha. hopefully i'll reach that point with him one day since my commute cuts right through his turf. i'm actually trying to develop a good Mon-Fri route to and from work that will keep me as far away from pch and jamboree as possible. ever ride the back bay loop? any problems? i know on the weekends it's plugged up with every frickin spandex-wearing road cyclist in so cal, but it seems like a nice ride.
Back Bay Loop is off limits for motorized bicycles. You can ride in the Bike Lanes but not the Bike Paths. I've wondered about the section of the loop along the southeast side since cars are allowed to drive this section (One Way), and the bike lane allows for travel in both directions, is this section a Bike Lane or a Bike Path? The Sections from Santiago to University that parallel Irvine Blvd and the section across the top of the bay between Irvine and Jamboree are diffinetly off Limits.

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