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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Which pipe are you talking about?

The lead off pipe that goes from the engine to the expansion chamber is a pipe that I made by bending it around like it is.

The curves in the expansion chamber is the way it was made.

I had to rig this all up from scatch, I will get a better looking lead off pipe on it before long, I was just working with what I had laying around when I threw all this together yesterday.

This pipe make the bike sound almost just like some of the old dirt bikes I've had, it has that pingy rat tat tat sound, te quietest exhaust I ve had yet but still seems to run good with it, it may be a bit restrictive and I may have to do a couple a mods to it before I get it the way I want it, but it is working of for now since I'm basically just running to get this new engine broke in, but agter 50-75 more miles I'll be looking to up the power on this engine and then LET THE MODS BEGIN......!
shaved head, porting, better tuned exhaust, rejetted carb, smaller sprocket on back.........


Originally Posted by RebelHellbilly View Post
did that pipe come already curved like that or did ya have bend it? looks wicked
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