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Default Re: Darn stubby legs ...

Originally Posted by spacey View Post
Mr. Fishguts,
Some stuff just don't look right made out of wood, tho a great job. By the time you soak that in resin, to keep it from checking apart , it must weigh a ton .
I know the first steam motorcycle was made of wood ( well the frame & wheels ), wonder if the first peddle bike was too ?
Nice try but Im tossing my line back in the water .... (sorry, couldn't resist )

Their bikes weigh 30 pounds, complete. I've been building wooden boats and musical instruments for years so I'm well acquainted with wood laminate construction. Fir may be prone to checking, but quality hard woods won't with a decent finish that is maintained. Actually, left completely to the elements with no finish, many hardwoods still won't check. And maintaining a finish on a bicycle is sure a lot easier than on a Chris Craft. Like anything, build it right and take care of it and it will last forever.
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