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Default Re: No More 49's?

I hope you're not right about this-

although I probably won't order any more 49 cc- my 66 definetly has more power

But the small one works nicely on a cruiser with lightweight 700c wheels- everything is light- I have to take it up and down a flight of stairs-

and with a 41 tooth sprock- it moves along pretty well- I haven't really gotten it broke in yet- it feels a little safer than my 66 screamer, and a little less noise. I got the kit shipped for $105 before the prices went up.

These motors were out there for decades I think- while the bikes were all heavy with heavy wheels- now the frames are lighter and you can go with lighter and better riolling wheels, they've been displaced by the heavier and more powerful 66.

I think most of the average riders here who pedal little, and who favor wider tires, get more what they want with a 66. People are generally heavier these days too.
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