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Default Re: Darn stubby legs ...

Right ? There is a video of some cat's 20" Cranbrook doing 50 mph, if it wasn't for the fact he was moving so fast, the scale is questionable. I just have a 28" inseam .
Man, you duds that can weld make me green. I'm a woodworker by trade so I get the concept, just not too much experience with the medium . I've done some copper work. I can sweat but I'll have to barrow my buddy's little stick job and see if I can teach myself. I just don't want to be the guy with a bunch of globe barnyard welds on his bike.
The forks on the Cranbrook are about the only detail where they missed the boat. Slap'n a set of straight BMX's apposed to the old swept style fork don't get it for me.
Im sure I'll want a springer, aside for looking better it'll help keep the carpal-tunnel in check . Do you have photos of your fabs here , it would be great to see what you've been building ?
Thanks for the input, I'll post some photos when I get started building.

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