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Default Re: Clutch Pucks upgraded anyone?


Just hang in there MB'er bud,

Time is something that I have a very hard time finding right now, working 12hr days, been getting drafted to work on my scheduled days off a lot and the weather here has put a damper on my shop building project......which is a key part of the proccess, I need the shop so I have the room I need for making the tooling and in turn being able to make the pucks on a scale that would be able to satisfy even a small demand for them.

But, I will overcome all these things and hopefully be able to produce several sets of these pucks before to extra long, some engines have the "square" pucks and others have the round ones so, I will have to make both of them which I can, one is more time consuming to make than the other to make but with the right tools I should be able to yurn them both out at the same rate or at least this is my hope.


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*grabs some gum* can't wait till you start makin' them......hope i got plenty of gum though... XD
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