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Default Re: Clutch Pucks upgraded anyone?

Well, Fella's as soon as I'm able to turn some of these things out I'll be making it known, I wish I could just blow and go with them right now, but I'm in the proccess of building a new work shop, and then I have to make some special tooling so I can turn these pucks out quicker, I have only made three sets so far and it has all been one at a time by hand, it's a slow proccess that way, but I do have plans to make tooling so i can make several sets a day if need be.

I also just took mine out of the engine that just crapped out on me and they looked almost like they didi the day I put them in the engine, just slightly marked where they had conformed to the clutch gears holes that they sit in, but know noticable wear other than that and they hook up real nice in my new engine too, these are for sure a winner in my book and that is why I started experimenting with them, I wanted a better clutch for my engines and by dangs I have one now. please be patient with me on this guys, I may be able to turn out a few before the tooling is ready, and if so I will contact some of you and let you know I have some made up and you can decide if you want or need any at that time, I was trying to kinda keep a lid on the puck info. until I was able to meet a possible demand but it's out there now so i figured I'd better address this and let ya'll know, that I do have plans to make these available as soon I can get set up for making them, I'm not for sure what the selling price for them will be yet but I will not be trying toi make a killing on them, just wnat to cover materials and wear & tear on tooling mainly, there will be a small bit included for my labor but not much.

Thank you and just hold tight until I can get set up please......

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