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Default Re: Gas Friction Drive list

I have a Staton friction kit with the Mitsubishi TLE 43 engine.

I've owned it for close to 3 years and I did a LOT of research before purchasing it.

My conclusions.....Dave Staton's kit is probably the most expensive kit out there- and it's worth *every* single penny.

Every part included was high quality and it's quite obvious that someone took the time to design this kit so it will stand up to years of abuse.

It literally took less then a hour to completely install it on my bike. I have close to 3 thousand miles on it and I beat on it unmercifully- it spends quite a bit of time at wide open throttle and the only thing I've replaced is the spark plug (I swapped the factory plug out with an NKG Iridium) and the centrifugal clutch pads recently.

I'm sure the other manufacturers have good products, but as far as build quality of the parts and service after the sale.....Dave Staton is hard to beat and he's getting all my business for the foreseeable future.

If I have one complaint....I would have liked to see a higher quality kill switch and twist throttle instead of the small lever throttle included in the kit. Both items are completely serviceable, but I replaced the included throttle with traditional twist throttle shortly after installing the kit.

I know lots of folks bag on friction kits, but I've had absolutely no problems with mine, I am still on the original tires (I rotate them every 1000 miles to balance out the wear) and while it's true that friction kits suck in the rain.....I don't ride very much (if at all) in foul weather-so that's a non-issue for me.

My only other advice is to start out with a decent bike....I installed my kit on a mid-level Specialized 29'er hybrid (about a 500 dollar bike) if you put this kit on a Wal-Mart bike.......the bike will fall apart around the kit.

In total, I have about a 1100 bucks in my bike, it doesn't nickel and dime me to death and provides me with hours of entertainment:-)

Here's a pic.......

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