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Originally Posted by MaxPower View Post
Those are some awesome bikes. They don't look cheap though. I'm dieing to know where you got some of those parts. I'm assuming most of it is custom. where did you get that disk brake adapter and how did you make an electric start on the honda? Did the roller brake fit on the stock felt internal gear hub? I know you said you won't divulge the jackshaft but Please please share as much as you can .
Thanks MaxPower, glad you like the bikes; yes most of the parts are custom. The rear adapter for the disk brake is my design….its kinda cool (I think) as it allows you to still adjust the rear wheel to get the correct tension on the chain. The electric start was a little more complicated, again my own design. Using a modified starter for a 175cc ATV, relay, ignition key, starter button and kill switch for the same ATV. Running it as a total loss system. Getting about 50 starts between charges. The roller brake fit after cold setting (I think that’s what it’s called) the rear flanges. Easy to do with a threaded rod, 4 fender washers and 4 nuts. Just sandwich both flanges between the washers and nuts and then back the nuts out to spread (about 1 ” more than you need), let sit that way for a few days, remove it all the rear end should now have enough space to accept the hub. As for the jackshaft, that is pretty straight forward (modified the frame to allow adjustment o f the jack shaft which is made up of an alum. Housing, needle bearings, hardened shaft, and pinion gear on one side and sprocket on the other- both are kept in place with keyways and set screws), it’s the bottom bracket that is trick….which I can’t say too much about except that when the motor is off or at idle there is no added rolling resistance from the motor or chains/sprockets. It was the thing that made me the craziest with this project….small displacement motors can make incredible amounts of torque thru gear reduction. However, the reverse is true when you try and pedal with the motor off and are just turning the sprockets, chains and clutch bell (it takes a lot of torque to turn them even without a load). Anyway, I hope to get this into production in the near future, so stay tuned. Thanks again.
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