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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Unboxed my first motor last night. Grubee Starfire GT-4. Cable boot and spark plug were both broken out of the box (replacing both anyway, so not a huge deal). Gas tank was also pretty beat up (hopefully it doesn't leak!) Small pieces of metal everywhere! I was really nervous to open it up because I thought I would find the worst. Actually, to my surprise, The insides are fairly clean. Not even much slag! Cleaned everything up, installed new hardware (thanks SBP!), installed sound dampeners, and set the motor in the frame for a mock up. Perfect fit! Only thing is, the pedal crank is too large. . . the motor actually rests on it a bit. Oh well, gives me a reason to get a new sprocket for the crank All I need to do now is exchange the head studs that I bought (need 6mm, bought 8mm), polish/clean up the ports, make a couple of new gaskets, apply some loctite, rig up a kill switch, install my Tac and speedometer, Clean up the electrical with heat shrink and proper connectors, and wait for my sprocket/adapter from Sportscarpat! I also installed my new stem yesterday, along with my headlights, tail light, and lay-back seat post from Pirate Cycles. Bike is looking sick! Can't wait for installation and the maiden voyage!
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