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Default Re: 35 miles each way for work , possible ?

The only guy that I know of that used a super motorized bicycle for a daily commute like yours is Detonatortuningsolutions.
He did this daily trip using a quart of fuel a day time to save money.
At speeds often around 50 mph.
He would complain that he had to hold the speed down to keep the mileage up.
Throttle discipline Boredom vs Economy. LOL
Where he lived it was legal to travel at these speeds on a motorized bicycle.
Until years later the rear wheel collapsed with no warning.
He never rode a motorized bicycle again.

He still commutes daily using an imported three cylinder car that gets somewhere around 55 mpg I believe.

He was a pioneer in high speed reliable motorized bicycle transportation.
I liked his setup so much that I use a similar setup.
I just do not drive as many miles per day as he did.

I know that another rider named Seven-Heaven uses a similar daily driver in Hawaii.
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