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Default Re: 35 miles each way for work , possible ?

70 miles total is a long way to dive each day to and from work no matter what you drive , i would either buy the best motorized bicycle kit for about $600 or just buy a CBR 250 R Honda motorcycle that gets 77 MPG and i would cherish only using a gallon of gas a day , what are you using now , 6 gallons of gas a day ? at over $4 a gallon , $24 dollars a day , $120 dollars a week in gas ! verses $ 20 for the motorcycle , the motorcycle would pay for its self in a little over two years or the best motorized bicycle kit would pay for its self in 4 1/2 months , i would for sure be finding another way to work than a 22 mpg car .....

i don't think i would trust a HT for that kind of mileage .
i generally take the long cut home
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