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Default Re: 35 miles each way for work , possible ?

I think the reliability factor is very strongly linked to the very bike that you have. In the beginning, with my first bike, I went to some trouble to "dial it in" - tune it, port it a bit, work the bugs out early on. It had just yer basic two-smoker happy time with an NT.

After that it was my daily driver. To work & back, just shy of 19 miles round trip (which isn't that far really). I even had rubber pants for rainy days. The only times she EVER crapped out on me were 1) when I didn't put enough gas in the tank, and 2) when I got hit by that truck, and that was not her fault or mine.

I have checked that same engine out (runs great with the new carb, old one got busted in the accident) and I have since mounted it in my JC Higgins project. I expect more long-term reliability out of it. And, hey, even if I do ever have to do some serious rebuilding, I won't care because parts are way cheaper than for a car and these things are so easy to work on that there's almost no reason not to.

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