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Default the good , the bad , the ugly

hey guys ...

so , the good news is I passed my M2 permit test today so today was my first legal day out and I decided to take advantage of it ...

I decided to hop on my bike with what was going to be a simple trip to the gym about 3 miles away ... 3 miles turned into a 75.5 mile round trip ride !

I was doing really well flying up hills , passing cars , keeping up with traffic , and was cruising at a steady 32 mph !

My route was from Santa Clarita to South Pasadena ( almost Downtown LA ) and back ...

I made it there on one tank of gas and ran out of gas literally on the driveway to my work lol ... luckily I just had to peddle a quarter mile to the nearest gas station ...


The ride there was AWESOME! The ride home ... not so much . Issues with my seat moving around , up and down ... exhaust constantly burning my left ass cheek lol ... then the real problems started kickin in .... chain started to get a bit loose , so I pulled over and tightened it up and fixed my seat ... still 20+ miles from home ... the sun was setting and I had a lot of ground to cover with pleanty of uphill ... so I was really riding the throddle going as fast as I could ... then I hit a pot hole ... this is where things somehow turned more into the ugly lol ...

THE UgLy :

Fortunately I didn't eat it on the pot hole ... BUT , that's when my engine started acting funny ... and the trouble begins ... so now , ever red light I come to , and there were a lot .... as soon as I stop to let my bike idle my engine cuts off immediately ... so I adjust the idle screw ... no luck ... oh well , keep riding , gotta get home ... seat is acting up again ... ass hurts ... still 15 miles to go ... over half of which is UPHILL .... before I know it ... my engine starts really running sluggish and that's when I noticed the SMOKE... my exhaust was REALLY HOT and was smoking close to the exhaust manifold ...

so I shut the engine off and started to walk to let the engine cool off ... 5 minutes of walking up hill and still several miles from home , decided to try the engine again ... luckily made it to the top of that nasty hill with the help of me peddling ... get to the bottom , fill up with gas ... cross the street ... time for another huge long 2 mile up hill run ... I get about 50 feet and the motor dies lol ... still 5 miles from home at this point ... walked with my bike uphill for 2 miles and coasted down from the top ... then had to peddal another 2 - 3 miles home ... tried to start the engine again ... acts like it wants to start then quickly dies out ... full gas tank , still no luck ...

I'm wondering ... engine siesure ? clogged filter ? bad spark plug ? something else ???

thoughts ??

what a day ... finally home eating turkey meatballs and hummus lol ..
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