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Default Hello from 9,000 ft.+ Quito, Ecuador!

Greetings! I'd like to introduce myself before anything else. My name is J and I'm living in a mountain city in the Andes! I did not know much about motorized bicycles up until recently - and I don't know how many people could agree, but once the idea got into my head, I was hungry for more info! Thread after countless thread, research on dozens of related websites, and hundreds of youtube videos later, I decided I wanted one!

Over-saturated traffic, the suffering economy, increasing gas prices and just time wasted in general all aided my decision. Fortunately, here in Ecuador, there is an auto dealer who has these kits available. Unfortunately, I am not so 'mechanic-savvy'... so I opted for a ready built bike.

26" tires, 50cc 2 stroke china motor (the name is cat-em 50), 44t sprocket... well, I did a fair amount of research before buying it, and I have a basic understanding of how a 2 stroke motor works.

Yesterday, I begun the break in process. I am aware that higher altitudes (9,000 ft+) mean less air, therefore requiring a variety of modifications to be done, of which I understand a re-jetting would be most beneficial. Since I lack the mechanical experience to do some of these things, even the most basic (like checking the spark plug color, and yes, I did search, but did not find a step by step picture guide), I am relying on the technical knowledge of the experienced veterans on these forums! Thank you everyone for everything I've already learned - most of my "theoretical knowledge" comes from this very website! And thanks bairdco, for replying so promptly to my question on youtube!

I will post my very first inquiry in the appropriate forum. Hope to hear from you guys!

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