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Default Anyone out there with a "BoosBottle Industries" Expansion Chamber??

This is my first post. Anyways, I just got my 66cc bike kit mostly put together and I ordered a few upgrades with it at the same time. For starters, I put the boost bottle on. However, the expansion chamber looks to be a POS setup. For example, it came with flex-pipe that doesn't even pretend to hold pressure and an exhaust mount that looks like someone put a 1" sleeve over the existing 3/4" pipe and held it on with a spring attached to a washer...Needless to say it doesnt look like a professional kit, especially when compared to SBP's setup (for almost the same price). Has anyone out there had an experience with this?? Is this kit worth a damn or am I just wasting my time trying to put it on my bike??
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