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Default Re: Another 1st timer with a Roller

Still seems to be working fine. I found it was running rich. I guess being set for 16:1 SAE30 junk, it would have been right. I'll be sanding the head soon, and I'm thinking a pipe should be in the works.

I have the 2 stroke tuner's handbook, so hopefully I can work something up. Anyone have a design that works well for lower RPM cruising? I'd like to cruise at 5.5-6k and I'm going to have a tiny rear sprocket to make it possible, but I don't think it'll have the oomph to hold speed with the little spinner installed.

I need it to hold 55mph for miles at a time to ride it where I live without getting run over by coal trucks, and even @ 55 I will get on their nerves at times.
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