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Red face robert cagle

This site is a life saver. robert cagle here in San Antonio, TX.
I just finished my 26" murry, beach cruiser.
I read this forum for weeks before I purchased, I shallacked
all my gaskets and applied loctite throughout. I had a real
hard clutch,, but was able to adjust the clutch spring, still a
little tight but tolerable.
I rode it up and down the street on 16:1 premium fuel, It bogs
a little, I have to put the choke on 1/4-1/2 to keep it running.
I have adjusted the Idle/air out a turn. but Its still not purring.

I'm just brakeing her in, I just built the bike to ride 6/10 mile to
and from work to save gas. I just hope for something dependable
and reliable day in and day out.

does any body have a hint to getting my machine to purrrrrrrr.

Also I hear a clank, clank, like some lose part in the crank, it worries me.
I here it when the clutch is disengaged or ingaged, engine on, engine off
it's like there is a loose part in there.

thanks a lot guys, I appreciate all your help.
had it not been for this forum I'd never had made it run.
thank robert san antone
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