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Default Re: Something new and kinda sorta 100 years old looking

Had a great time at the steampunk fair and there was a lot of interest in the bike. A lot of what one sees in the steampunk world is a facsimile of steam power, so people were excited to see something that is genuinely steam driven. I'll have a photo up as soon as I can get it off my wife's camera.

Next steps:
1) Disassemble the head and seal with high temp Form-A-Gasket.
2) Replace the "L" fitting on the head with a "T" fitting and add a valve to allow water to be drained off during start-up.
3) Check the solenoid water line shut-off, level sensor and delay circuit to see what works and what doesn't and make the necessary repair/replacement.
4) Check heel clearance between the right pedal and the gas valve.
5) Replace pressure gauge and add a second one and maybe a temp gauge, too.
6) Add water level sight gauge to the tank.
7) Secure copper lines.
8) Secure the seat.
9) Secure the luggage better as it tried to rattle loose during transport.
10) Wire up the head light and tail light.
11) Hook up the front hand brake.
12) Add a steam exhaust down pipe.
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