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Default Re: I am not competing just posting

Originally Posted by lestat101 View Post
So what size spur gear did you use on the shaft of the motor? How about the sproket on the wheel? Send any pictures if you have any to share, I would like to do something like that for a project down the road.........

I am sorry that I did not answer sooner. I simply am out riding .
I used the ten tooth drive sprocket that came with the kit.
I welded a ten tooth sprocket from a local supplier to the input of the cvt.
As well as a ten tooth output from the cvt not the reduction portion of the cvt. To the 44 tooth rear wheel.
My modified cvt has a 2 to 1 reduction to a 1 to 1.6 gain
for a 44 tooth rear wheel sprocket approximately 88 tooth to start. then a 30 tooth at top end.

I take off like gangbusters then all to soon push it home.
I am still breaking too many parts.
Still working on the weaknesses.
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