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buba here
in antwerp belgium return to la june 15th just in time for willow springs

sorry bimoped as i mentioned not very computer savy
i have a straight out of the box target jaguar with out of the box grubee skyhawk
i would like number 36 but do not anticipate being a lead racer if decide to race and not just putt the track
even if the desire to go faster than i am comfortable with overcomes me

here in antwerpen i found several cruisers in some weekly auctions and swap meets and put an out of the box starfire on one

lots of fun but the cobbled streets and on /off sidewalk ramps for the designated sidewalk bike path can really beat the **** out of your rims

that is why my hopes to sell kits here has not developed
people ride scooters with small fat tires for the bumps
historically here and in holland bicycles are a major mode of transportation

putting anything on a bicycle in holland is illegal

if i learn how i will try to post some pictures of this fun city when it is not *****in cold rainy and damp which is hardly ever
my blood has thinned with my years in la

i can not wait for willow to meet so many active and knowing participants as well as see some of the la riders i have riden with on two previous la rides

maybe get creative with some builds once back in la

my wife and 5 year old will join me and i anticipate tenting it at the track

best to all

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