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Lightbulb Re: Aluminum Frame or Steel Frame?

... Though the point of Aluminum is light, which is great for those like myself that make it into the mountains and rough terrian. But the balance in these situations is indeed key in these highly active charges across these terrians. But like myself for those who have a high amount of experience and rode both materials, know of the point of rear wheel shift. Where and when the rear tire becomes air borne and shifts to the right or left. Sometimes even when heavily pumping on a flat surface in a hard drive. The bounce of the rear tire can do the same again here. At these moments the rider knows he's top heavy with the balance of the bike. The rider can feel and self balance easily to bring the rear wheel back down to the ground.

... This getting into a personal preference. I don't believe I wish to experience this shift, with an additional 20 lbs up over the rear wheel. This additional wieght over the rear wheel cutting into the correction time and muscling the shift needed to correct from this left or right shift. But here in why I am looking towards the more traditonal balanced placement of the motor.

... I've rode steel frame 30 years, up till 2003 when I bought my first Trek 4300. The difference in riding between the two are quite noticable. That 4300 was stolen. But enjoying the quality of the Trek had me immediately replacing it with another 4300 in 2006. My expectations of what I would be able to accomplish and maintain by motorizing one has become deminished. Steel will leave me with many more options in what the future could deal my way. Plus, I don't want to loose the point of being out there mingling with the spirits of the wild.
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happyvalley Re: Aluminum Frame or Steel Frame?
Steel is real but aluminum is light and can be used effectively if you are not bolting into or clamping directly onto tubes. I've had good luck with some rack mounts.
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