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Default Re: Hello from Erie, PA

Well, second voyage, to work today, had a few "hiccups" this time.

Ride there was perfect (1.6 miles)
Got there and noticed the rear mount bolts were loose, funny, since they were loctited in.
Went in to work, had a meeting, came out, front tire completely flat, blown tube.
First break, I go out to check on the rear mount, one bolt, snapped of flush with the case, the other loose, dammit.

On the way to work, the motor had started sputtering, surging, and spitting fuel out of the carb, possible stuck float? I noticed the fuel line was full, as in prior to this the line always had some air in it, but now it's like the motor has a large amount of draw on the fuel tank.

The trip home, I get almost home and the clutch cable breaks, needless to say, no more stops. Also, the rear mount separates from the case.

When I get home, I notice the exhaust gasket is blown and there is a black spray all over the motor and frame.

Conclusion: I need a Delorto, helicoils, grade 8 hardware, better gasketing, heavy duty cables, and patience.

But what a great feeling while it lasted.
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