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Default Re: 35 miles each way for work , possible ?

Originally Posted by JdubMotorMan View Post
true time is a factor , but mostly on the way to work ... after work I'm just cruisin

as far as reliable , I'm pretty close to working out the kinks ... got through the blown head gaskets... now I remember to check the head bolts often along with everything else...

the main thing I want to fix now is the little bit of gas that keeps showing up on my air filter and carb ... I've read some posts on that so I'm going to look into that tomorrow ...

what's the farthest you've gone in one trip with no issues ? what kind of regular maintenance do you do on yours to keep it in good shape?
The "little bit of gas" in yer air filter is most likely normal & jus' backblow if you've one of the two stroke kits, they're unreeded so there's a reverse pressure pulse every compression stroke. If that's the case I'd not worry about it as it's jus' oiling yer filter for ya lol

I've found 100 miles is about my limit - the bike could obv do more, but at that point I'm getting pretty tired As for matainance - it's pretty much jus' the normal keepin' an eye on things, a quick "preflight" ta make sure the wheels are still on it etc. Chain & cable lube, tire pressure, brake adjustments *shrug* TBH I mostly ignore the thing unless I'm going on a longer trip.

The HTs are pretty good at "warning" you of an impending problem if ya know it well enough to speak it's language - when the head bolts are just starting to be not quite tight enough you'll get a "popping" sound when it first starts up cold & goes away when it warms up, expands & seals for example...
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