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Default Re: Using Oil Jugs For Gas : No Opinions - Only Experience.

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
Made these up this after noon from the heavy alum. venom energy drink bottles.

I drilled a small hole in the lids and then got the small fuel line and then took a red plastic tube off of an empty can of spray carb cleaner and then cut it into 1/2" pieces and the n insert it into the fuel tubing, it is a snug fit and will help prevent the tubing from kinking where it come through the lid, I then put high temp silicone aroun the tubing and then pulled it down into position with only 1/4" - 3/8" long on inside of lid, I used Gorilla tape to secure the tubing down to the lid and then painted the bottles with some glossy high heat engine paint and!

I now have a way to carry an extra 3/4 of a gal. of premix fuel on my bike when I get my little carry on fuel box built.

I may actually go to the auto parts house and get a can of the spray truck bed liner and give the can a good coat of that, it will make them very durable then and they wont get scatched up either.

I saved about 25-30 of these bottles thinking I might have a good use for them in the future and here it is.....

You'll never get through airport security with those and the ATF might overreact if they saw them in your garage
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