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Default Re: installing a NEW engine, 402miles and the other one crapped on me today

Oh no not the lets bash Opti 2 post..........LOL!

I run it @ 70:1 Thank you very much.....LOL!

I'm not sure this engine wasnt a lemon from word go actually, it is the one I had to completely rebuild after about 30 or so miles because a pin bearing on the crank/con rod broke and a piece of it came up through one of the transfer ports and hung between the port and the piston ring, busted the jug, trashed the piston and of coarse the crank was junk too, I replace jug, piston, rings,upper caged needle bearing, and bought a good crank assy. from a fellow member here on the forum, did a few mods to the engine and it ran like a champ until today, somethingon the clutch side of the crank gave way to serious wear allowing the crank to move to that side and cause too much end play in the crank......... this engine was an iffy one from the get go and has proven to be the piece I thought it could be........

This is the point where I lift my head up, look to my left and then over to my right, lift my right hand up in the air, then look straight ahead and say with a commanding voice........NEXT!

on to the next china girl Tom............this other one i have is a much better looking engine as far as the machine work and casting goes, so maybe it will be a btter one all together, only time will tell....


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Probably cause you're using Opti-2 @ 100:1
I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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