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Default Re: Electra Straight 8 3i

Originally Posted by biknut View Post
I've ridden one. It's a nice bike, but way over priced.
Quality costs is my only reply. I bought mine used for $300. It once fell off the bike rack on the rear of my car at 55mph and bounced along the freeway. Luckily no one ran into it. The tires were slightly warped but the bike shop was able to straighten them. One of the peddles was bent a little and the forks were bent back just a little. Also the seat was torn.

That's all the downside. The bike was still in good enough shape that I was able to take it to the place I was heading and go on a four mile bike ride with it. The thing is built tough.

But to a certain extent you are correct. You're also paying a little extra for the "Electra" brand, similar to other companies like Harley Davidson, for example.

I own three electra's, one of them motorized and I personally think they're worth it, though I confess I got a good price on all of them as my ex worked at a bike shop.
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