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Lightbulb Using Oil Jugs For Gas : No Opinions - Only Experience.

Hopefully the title will keep the riff raff out of this, but I doubt it.

To start, for the record : I am aware that oil containers are in HDPE 2 plastic. This is what milk jugs/laundry detergent containers/plastic gas cans are using. Milk jugs are too thin and most people only have experience in storing gas in them - but milk jugs are thin and get micro holes all the time - the dried milk seals them though like slime. I have heard 50/50 on laundry detergent bottles that they pollute the gas, but I think they weren't properly cleaned and treated first.

I want to store a couple of quart oil containers on the back of my bike for emergency gas/traveling gas. If it holds up, I might add 2 quarts to the sides of my luggage rack, vent them, petcock them, and keep them for additional tanks (cheap cheap full gallon tank). Has anyone stored gas/oil mix in emptied oil containers for a long period of time?

I really don't want to hear any "Don't do it/It's illegal/I wouldn't/I heard from my cousin's sister's fiance's father/Sounds like a bad idea/etc etc", because that's not bringing anything to the table except bunking things up. After searching both forums and google I found that's what happens to every one of these gas in oil bottle questions.

I'm going to leave a sealed oil jug (no vent) in a large metal dish and watch it over the course of a few weeks just to see for myself, but I'd like to get some experiences other people have had while I go through this test.

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