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Default Just starting.

Hi Everyone,
My name is Jason. I live in northwest IL. A few weeks ago I was walking with my family when I heard faint buzzing noise. It got louder and it faintly looked like a bicycle. Sure enough, he zoomed by and I suddenly wanted to know more. I started searching on the internet and was happy to find motors for bikes. They guy I saw went by fast enough that I couldn't tell if it was a newer bike or an motorized antique. I didn't really know what I saw.

Last week I was at the store and I saw him riding through the parking lot. I yelled, he looked and I begged him to come over. He did, we had a great conversation and I knew that I wanted to get a motorized bicycle.

I've ridden a 1000 cc motorcycle for years, but now want to have a bit of fun on something different. I'm not a speed freak and just want something to putts around in. My town is only 6,000 people and I live on the edge of town so traffic free rural backroads are everywhere.

I'm finding this forum very informative. I figure I'll get as informed as I can so that I have the best chance of doing it right the first time.

Thanks for all of your posts and I look forward to learning a lot from you. I don't even have a bike that will work so my hunt begins.

I like the old style look with the handlebars bend down, the seat low set etc but I'm considering any good bike/setup.

I'm looking to

1) find a decent bike frame that has strong rims/spokes to handle the torque. I would like to get an old bike or a newer beach cruiser.

2) get info about companies that sell kits so that I get the best chance of getting the best kit for the money. (with four young kids I don't have a lot of spare cash so I'm looking to build on the cheap)

3) find any tips and details that will help me learn more.

4) make friends with quality people.

I work for a small gear shop so I'm also looking for ideas for modifications that I can do myself etc.

All the best.

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