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Default from the beginning to the bang

So I built my gt5sr on an older 80's huffy that I had found in a barn a few years ago. Spent about $500 fixing up the frame into a bad ass nexus 3 cruiser for riding around town on the sunshine days. THEN THE AWESOME HAPPENED!!! I was introduced to these motors by my brother, Reed. We built his bike then he went back to school while I built mine. After some issues with casting problems and leaks a broken cns a major chain ring issue, I got her going good with my brothers dellorto. Running a stock 44t (I put a new bolt pattern in at work so that it would fit the nexus hub adapter) stock exhaust with some minor port clean up I had her going about 40 using a cheap bell speedometer. I had her full open running great when I looked up just in time to watch a car run a stop sign right in front of me. Locked up the coaster and slid into her going pretty damn fast. I was thrown off the bike slid across the hood and broke my finger. No scrapes or nothin. Cops came gave her a ticket.... THEN gave ME one. Apparently not legal in Wausau, WI. Just a warning to all in Wausau. So now I am trying to get a hold of her so I can get her insurance info but she hasnt called me back.... go figure. Wheel, fork, and stem are toast. So now I'm going to city council to try to reform the law..... we shall see!

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