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Default Re: New to forum; new build; couple of questions

Originally Posted by mystic-chris View Post
I'm in the process of my first build using a 4-stroke 49cc Hua Sheng engine fitted to a EZ Motorbike Q-Matic drive system. The pulley on the Q-Matic drive's centrifugal clutch accepts a #41 chain. I have a hub-mounted 56-tooth sprocket on my rear wheel, and that sprocket's teeth are smaller than those on the clutch. So the #41 chain can move somewhat from side-to-side on the big sprocket. (The 56-tooth rear sprocket is more similar in tooth size to the pedal-side sprockets on the bike.)

What are the implications of running the bike with this setup? Can I? Should I?

I'd greatly appreciate any help with this.
It ain't a pulley, it is a 10 tooth sprocket.

Hub mounted sprocket?
is that a manic mechanic hub adapter? and sprocket? or are
you using the rubber donuts?

the EZ Motorbike kit comes with a 56 tooth
cheap Chinese sprocket that are ~ 0.12" wide and the teeth
are badly formed. The chain will shape the teeth.

the Manic Mechanic sprockets are ~ 0.16" wide and
sized for 415 chain width of 3/16" between the side plates.

Moped sprockets that I have are ~ 0.18" wide and correctly
sized for 415 chain width of 3/16" between the side plates

41 chain width of 1/4" between the side plates and correctly
matches the MaxTorque clutch.

It will work ok....

What kind of exhaust are you running?
Check out my free to low cost steel flex exhaust idea.

PS: I just bought a wheel that came with a cheap EZM kit sprocket
on a Manic Mechanic hub adapter. The barely used sprocket is going to
take some file work to get it right.

Please post up some pics.

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