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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

The roads were wet all Saturday and dried up Sunday afternoon, so I went for a test run. The Tanaka 47R engine started easily, so I took an easy ride into the park to feel the bike out. Both brakes felt soft, so I readjusted their cables tighter. A 203 mm disc brake is in the mail, and I'll install it by next weekend. There were no clearance issues between front tire and expansion pipe.

The engine ran well but seemed rich, which was odd. I had just replaced the restrictive HT expansion pipe, eight inches of silicone tubing and an SBT lawn mower-type bullet muffler with a Tanaka-specific three-piece pipe, OEM muffler and 39" of silicone exhaust tubing. After running my five-mile route to town, I leaned it out 1/16 turn on both screws. The FRAM automotive fuel filter was almost empty at idle. There must be a crack in it, but the engine wasn't starving for fuel. I'll replace the filter before running it again.

The engine seemed to pick up speed more quickly. It reached 43 mph on the flats. On the really steep hills, speeds dropped down to 25mph, which is okay with me. No one was behind me on the six-lane boulevard, or I would've pulled to the far right.

The engine started out pretty quiet, but got very noisy on the way home. I forgot to install an exhaust gasket at the OEM muffler-to-silencer connection. The engine was also leaking oil at the exhaust port and head pipe slip-fit connection, so I'll fix that. My son had mentioned that the neck of the pipe was going to be close to my right leg. Sure enough, my bare leg kissed the pipe twice, which left a slight burn mark on my inner thigh above the knee. I'll have to wrap the pipe with protection at the neck to prevent further burns.

Interestingly, there was absolutely no oil spitting out of the 39" silicone tubing. That saves me at least 30 minutes of cleaning the oil off of the tire, wheel, spokes, frame and rear disc rotor. I guess the oil spitting out of the engine is pooling in the belly of the pipe and in the OEM muffler. Hope that doesn't hurt anything.

After about 10 seconds of WOT, I killed the engine and pedalled home. When time permits, I'll pull the spark plug and check to see if the engine is running lean or rich.

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