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Default Re: Anyone have any idea how old this Brooks is?

Re-reading the O.P. I'm thinking that maybe the 73 is the year of manufacture- like I said they stayed popular with tourists longer and it was probably purchased aftermarket or on a three speed.

Bairdco did get that one to take surprising shape- how long it will stay that way- I don't know- I also can't tell you what to use otherwise- something that will protect it without softening the leather up more I guess- they sorta lose their rigiditity- you might do well with some hardening shellac or mix together a platic glue paste of some kind-

I think commercial saddle soap may just keep softening it too much-

How about getting more leather to cover the top at least?- you could plasticsize the original leather and then glue more on top - I'd get some of that silver metallic spray paint that's everywhere now- and after cleaning the metal- i'd spray some of that into the cap and touch it all up with artists brushes- You could even carefuly touch up the nameplate

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