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Default Re: New to forum; new build; couple of questions

When I realized the differences in the sprockets this morning -- how the #41 chain fits like a glove on the Q-Matic's clutch sprocket, but shifts side-to-side on the 56-tooth -- I was a bit a concerned. I've had enough delays getting my bike ready, and I didn't want to be searching out and paying for (and installing) a new rear sprocket.

One more related query: I've read that with proper chain alignment, rolling the bike backwards and forwards should be pretty quiet as far as the drive train goes. I've taken a lot of time with the available adjustments, and I believe that my chain is aligned well between the clutch and the 56-tooth. But I do hear some mechanical noise from the drivetrain. But probably not any more than I used to hear when wheeling my 400cc Suzuki road bike with the engine killed. Nothing clunky or intermittent. This shouldn't be as quiet as my non-powered 1-speed cruiser bike, should it?

I guess I'm getting a bit anxious about all this because I anticipate firing up the Hua Sheng for the very first time this late afternoon, and hopefully taking a maiden voyage on this beautiful (72F) day in Mystic, CT.

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