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Default Re: Bicycle engine kits in Canada are becoming scarce

Thats the problem my friends it is the tree huggers and what not, as for the cried wolf comment, it is happening, as it happened in the US, gas is the only site going to be selling these things in the next couple of months and watch the price soar, they are the only ones with enuff money to pay the $35,000 for the testing every 2 years to get the epa cert. We have spoken to Grube {motorboys and Deamon} and we are sol without epa cert and even if we get one it does not mean it will be any good in 6 months if they change anything, that is straight from E.C. so what this means is 1 dealer is going to make a mint if your laws stay the same. Anyways it is good to post again and glad to see barelyawake is still the same,lol good luck all it has been fun!
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