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Default Re: How fast are we realy going?

The slowest bike I have will GPS over 30mph easy, I have 66cc engines and my fastest right now is 39MPH and the slowest is around 35mph

the kit supplied exhaust is the main problem with many peoples speeds not being that great, along with a badly tuned carb. if the carb is tuned right and the exhaust flow is freed up I think all the kits will push a bike 30mph pretty easy, some are reporting 40+mph with just a few simple mods and a much smaller rear sprocket.


Originally Posted by Greg58 View Post
Some of the posts i have read say that some bike owners are having trouble getting 20 mph. I checked my speedo with my $400 garmin gps to make sure, I can get 30 mph with no problem. Sounds like i got lucky with my grubee 48cc!
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